Mission Statement

The Payson Park Music Festival, in its twenty-third season, has grass roots origins within the Belmont community. This annual event is intended for the enjoyment of the residents of Belmont and surrounding communities. Our goal is to present a series of free summer concerts across a musical spectrum. The series includes ten concerts and four children's performances.

While the concerts are produced by the Payson Park Music Festival Committee, the series enjoys the cooperation and support of many members of town departments, including the Belmont Recreation Department, Belmont Light Department, Traffic Division of the Belmont Police Department, Belmont School Department, Belmont Highway Department and the Office of the Selectmen. Many town employees who are also residents of Belmont have willingly assisted in the production of these concerts. We wish to thank them again for another year of kind cooperation and service. Private citizens also continue to play an important role in the production of these concerts. We wish to thank them for their continued enthusiasm and financial support.
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Thank you all for attending the concerts. Your enjoyment of the series and the park makes it all worthwhile.